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Comments on English Muffin making experience

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Comments on English Muffin making experience

I just finished making the English Muffin recipe on the Sourdough Home site and have a few comments.

First of all, let me say how forgiving bread can be. I got distracted/ interrupted while mixing it up and did not put in the salt and baking soda. Luckily, I discovered it before I baked them. SO-dusted off the cornmeal,all the dough back in the bowl and I mixed up the baking soda and salt with a few tablespoons of water and put it all in the K5 with a little extra flour. They may be a little tougher but it seemed to work out. Another funny cooking memory!

My real comment, though, is a suggestion. I did use the wax paper dusted with cornmeal but did find that the muffin dough still stuck to the wax paper. I believe parchment paper may have worked better and also there needs to be a very generous amount of cornmeal layed down. So, next time I'll try and remember ALL the ingredients the first time I mix it up and I will try the parchment paper.

They still turned out yummy but not sour and with only a few holes. I hope the "hole situation" is remedied by adding the ingredients in the proper sequence next time.


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Parchment paper only releases when exposed to heat, so uncooked dough will stick to it the same way it sticks to wax paper.  You may to try a little pan spray or vegetable oil on the wax paper.



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I am way too familiar with slips of memory and baking bread. I have a suggestion which may help. I wrote the word "SALT!" on a small label and stuck it on my KA Mixer. Every time I use the mixer it stares at me. I usually, therefore, put the salt for the recipe aside, in a dish, or mixed in with a small amount of flour that I add to the recipe along with the levain, after the autolyse.

Since putting this little reminder to work, I am happy to say I have had no more slipups!

Soundman (David)

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That just goes right along with my obssession with "post-it" notes! What a great idea!

The English muffins are half -history already and my husband is already suggesting how to make the next batch-I guess he liked them!