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90 % hydration ww sourdough ciabatta

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90 % hydration ww sourdough ciabatta

i finally got some holes! the taste and texture are devine! although i did get oven spring, i didn't get like what ppl get with an all white dough. and i also mixed/kneaded the dough by hand. i literally mixed/kneaded for an hour!! to try to get good gluten development. i tried, i really did. i was up doing stretch and folds till one am. i wish the oven spring was greater, but the taste i can't improve upon.

one loaf was too long for my round cloche and so i just put the cloache on top of it and the ends that stuck out from under the cloche got burned a bit. the other loaf i decided to fold in half so it would fit under the cloche entirely. i thought it might have a big hole in the middle from the last minute fold but it did not.....

here's the breads:


here's the crumb pix


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Those look great and I imagine they were a great deal of work at that hydration!