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bread packaging

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bread packaging

Most of us make more bread than we can eat.  And hey, why not when it's takes just as long to clean up after making 2 loaves as it does after making 4 loaves.  Anyway, for those of you who give away (or sell) your extras, these bags might be of interest.  I use them for our bakery packaging because they keep things crisp and allow me to package the loaves while they're still warm.  Plus, as you can see, they enable the customer to pick up the loaves and see them from top to bottom.   I print the labels on a single color laser printer (no smudging), which makes them easy to edit.  The ingredient labels on the back are standard name tag size, the main labels on the front are slightly larger.  I use brown ones for the bread and silver ones for the pastries.  

bag closeupbag closeup

assorted bagsassorted bags




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Where do you buy those? Are they expensive? Also, I apologize I didn't see you logged in and kinda interjected where bakersteve asked about the # sign. Didn't mean to threaddrop. Also, I ssem to think you guys were opening soon. Did you open?



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I think I must've been typing my reply to bakersteve when you responded.  I posted, then I saw your response also.  No biggie, it was a thread not an email. 
This is the link to where I got them.

If you or anyone is interested in less than 1000, I can send you some through the mail.  They end up being around $.06 each by the time I get them, plus the postage to you.
Yes, we are open, and I'm just trying to drum up some new business as things are very slow this time of the year.


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Thanks for the link.  I have been looking for better bread bags but had not seen those.  If you are willing I would like to take you up on your offer to share as I dont even know where I would store 1000 bags.  I would be interested in about 200 if the shipping costs are not too out of hand to Maryland.

Also, I noticed on your site that you ship. What meathod are you using and are you finding people willing to pay for the overnight shipping?  I have many friends and family in New York who want me to ship to them but it looks like it will cost $15 to send an $8 loaf.


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Just wondering if it is still possible to purchase some of these bags from you?


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Do you still use these bags? If so, could you please tell me where you get them?

The link above doesn't seem to be working anymore.

Thank you,

Nika aka Breadnik


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Mark, your packages are lovely, seems practical and safe!

I´m now improving a new business with my extra breads, cakes and biscuits!

Here in Brazil, people ask now for dischargeable recyclable packages. Then, me and my wife, we make all our own packages, handmade, and people here love them a lot!

We sell all the loaves and biscuit boxes we made!

We abuse the use of recyclable kraft papers, minimum plastic wraps, and my product label´s are all printed with my own home printer, made with Kraft Paper too!

The biscuit boxes, in spite of plastic material, we evolve the boxes with nice local Palm natural fiber, called Juta! They´re pretty amazing!! This is my Honey Bread stored in it´s handcrafted kraft paper box.Honey Bread with Kraft Paper recyclable package!:    Here you coud have a vision of my Almond Buttered biscuits box, with Natural Juta Fiber around it´s body.This is a handmade work, and please, note the label with our brand Divino Segredo ( Divine´s Secret).All the labels are made with our personal home My nice pretty Almond buttered cookies Box!: Here you coud have a vision of my Almond Buttered biscuits box, with Natural Juta Fiber around it´s body.This is a handmade work, and please, note the label with our brand Divino Segredo ( Divine´s Secret).All the labels are made with our personal home printer. Above picture is my Honey Bread stored in it´s handcrafted Kraft paper box.

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I use bags from for my bagels and breads.

I go through several hundred of the smallest bags for my individually packed bagels every month (about 500+/month average), the larger ones only a dozen or so a month.

 Uline has some great prices and excellent shipping time, but i understand if someone is hesitant to buy 1000 bread bags.  8x4x18 seems to work well for most of my bread bagging needs.

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I ask the bakery manager at my local grocery (Wegmans) for some of the same bags Mike buys. They will sell or give them to you. 

However, I would like more. Price for 100 + shipping to NY?



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Though the link was bad I did find it and ordered 2000. I hate the bags I've been using, they ruin the bread. This is great!

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I wasn't able to make the link work.  Very interested in finding these moisture release bread bags for my bread.  Please tell me how to use the link, or where I may order this product.  Thank you!

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Here's the website for in case the search link for their bags doesn't work


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The perforated bags sound like the best choice for me for sourdough breads, and I could also use them for nearly all my other breads.  I have a list of packaging needs  and am deciding how to consolidate the order to save on shipping costs.  Thank you!