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Michel Suas' Book, Advanced Bread and Pastry

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Michel Suas' Book, Advanced Bread and Pastry

In case you may not be aware of it, there is a companion web site for Michel Suas book, Advanced Bread and Pastry.  Here’s a link to that website, which you may find interesting and helpful, even if you don’t own Mr. Suas book, Advanced Bread and Pastry.  This site provides some excellent information for students and Instructors on many aspects of baking.  Recently, I recall someone was asking how to execute multiple braids for challah.  This companion shows 6 different braids, both “flat” and “high” techniques as well as other items, techinques and advice associated with baking.



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Thanks Howard..the diagrams for the braids are great. I have found most diagrams are visually challenging..the different colors really help. I just looked briefly, but have bookmarked the site for reading later.


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I just bought this book and opened it up at random, which turned out to be the Farinograph section.  Reading the author's description of the graphs, it looks to me the description is very at odds with the graphs.  He describes the stability of the high gluten flour as being much greater than the regular bread flour, but the graphs, and the table below, show the opposite to be true.  Can someone else take a look at page 134 and 135?