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Mark's Kalamata & Rosemary..

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Mark's Kalamata & Rosemary..

was today's project. I made a few changes due to supplies on hand..subbing bread flour for AP and feta with garlic & herbs for pepperjack cheese. This makes a great loaf, subtle herb flavors with the bright punch of kalamata & feta, a Greek salad in a loaf of bread. The crumb was tender due to the olive oil. My husband suggested we use this for pizza dough and put the olives on top rather than in the dough...sounds good to me!

I should have watched Mark's video on shaping again to refresh my memory with his technique. The dough is slack, but with the olive oil, easier to handle. I know I can get better surface tension with his rolling in place technique. I think next time I'd add the olive oil and herbs earlier then he directs in his recipe. I had a hard time getting it to incorporate into the dough.

Maybe pics tomorrow. My photographer is watching play off games..Thanks Mark, this is a keeper!

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I thought I had posted about it somewhere, but apparently did not.  You seem to have discovered what I did also.  I now add the olive oil mixture at the beginning of the mix with the water so as not to have to mess with it later.  I also microwave the olive oil mixture for about 25 seconds to help 'infuse' it all together.
Glad you liked it anyway.  Can't wait to see the pix.