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good recipe please (No-knead, no-preheat, rye)

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good recipe please (No-knead, no-preheat, rye)

Hello Friends, Would you care to share some recipes for a no-knead, no-preheat, rye bread ? My local bulk stores have all-purpose, bread (robin hood), and light rye flours.  I am starting my first sourdough starter.  (my previous recipe had a gummy/wet/dough-ey crumb)    Thanks a bunch  Rod 

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Hi Rod,

Go to the front page here and scroll down to the most active sites list and click on Eric's Favorite Rye. It's a great tasting bread and although you do have to mix it well and I suggest a mixer or a long hand mixing, once it is mixed and developed there is no further kneading.

Rye breads with around 25% rye 75% wheat will rise nicely but you do need to develop the gluten somehow. You might get away with 3 or 4 stretch and folds if you don't have a stand mixer. Give it a try. I bake this often with no preheating on a pan layered with parchment paper.

Check out the threads here on rye breads and see how others bake it. It's a different animal so to speak from wheat.

After reading this post over, I think it would be prudent to mention that I wouldn't be dropping rye dough into a dutch oven, pre heated or not. Paper works well.

On the other thread you were getting good advice trying to help you fix your recipe. This one is a tried and true old favorite for me.  


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Great suggestion Eric, I shall give this recipe a try !





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