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100% Rye Loaves 8 and 9

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100% Rye Loaves 8 and 9

Here's my attempts from last night and this morning - Rye Loaves 8 (back two loaves) and 9 (front two loaves) by my journals reckoning.

During the oven bake, Rye Loaf 9 used the tenting method suggested by Mini Oven in a comment on my previous blog entry, and has produced a nicely rounded loaf top, with no tearing save the score line across the top. Rye Loaf 8 is my previously method (ie. putting the pans in the oven, and nothing else), and is the more... erm... 'rustic' looking style. The loaves are the same size as previous attempts, so I expect the interior will be much the same. Rye Loaf 9 is a bit smaller, however I put that down to the dough fermenting right over the top of the mixing bowl, and into a generous puddle beside it!

I was absolutely dumbstruck by the differences between the two bakings - same dough, same temperature and baking time (about 75 minutes at 180C - 356F), same internal temperature at the end (200F - 93C). Both loaves looked totally unremarkable after proofing - neither showed great amounts of rising, nor had the scoring been pulled apart. In my eyes, the proofing time of about 2 hours had little visible effect on the loaves. Once in the oven though... that's when they took off.

Now that I have a better understanding of creating a less manic looking loaf, my next experiment... what kind of seeds (sesame, poppy, etc.) would go well on top of the loaf! Any suggestions are always appreciated.



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Yeah, I gotta tell ya, I *love* the look of batch 8... talk about sky-high oven spring! Honestly, I have no idea why you'd want to shoot for that "cleaner" look. :)

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Mini Oven

And I don't know what you did differently but they look even better than the 6's

Why the 9's are so low is beyond me...

In both batches, one loaf is smaller than the other.  Why is that? 

Mini O

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There's probably one loaf larger than the other because I don't weigh the quantities after separating the dough into two. I should be making sure that the two portions weigh the same!

I'm assuming that the 9's are lower because of human error, and too-small-a-mixing-bowl-to-ferment-in error! 

There's a couple of minor differences this time around...

- there's some rye meal in the dough (1/2 cup) in place of some of the rye flour;

- I'm not yet being exact in measuring out the ingredients, so there may be subtle variances there

- these loaves were scored rather than docked. 

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Link to the recipe, pretty please!

 There's a guy at our farmers market who mixes sunflower seeds into/onto his 100% rye.  Completely different shape than yours (his are purposeful little bricks), but the seeds are delicious!

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I put it in the blog entry, so that I wouldn't forget to take it with me. This way, if I'm on the 'net, I'm good to go :-)