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any suggestion for a good baking book!!!!!

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chahira daoud

any suggestion for a good baking book!!!!!

Hello dear freshloavers, i want to buy a bread baking book , we actually do not have in Egypt all the flour varieties that you talk about, we have APF, bread flour , whole wheat flour , barley , we do not have rye flour .

I want to buy a new book , but i am afraid , after buying it , i can not use it because of the unavailable ingredients,anybody can suggest a good title to me , also good price, still have the shipping bill to pay.

I want to try Amazon , i did not buy anything before through it.

Thank you , waiting for your reply

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Forst thing you should do is look in the forum you posted in


I have uite a few bread books and for me too mant is never enough.  The problem is you find one or 2 recipes in each book that you like.  I have never found a book that I like all of the recipes and I always want another anyway.

My list (in no particular order)

Not uite bread books but still baking books

As far as my bread books go I have a few more but thos are my regulars. I like ABAA and Hammemans book right now butit changes by the week depending on what I like to make.  And before you say it I have never paid anywhere near cover price for any of the books I have.  The most I paid was Amazon's new price for Hammelmans book other than that I usually find them at a used book store or estate sales.

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Bernard Clayton's Complete Book of Breads is very good.  The only one of the above mentioned that I have is Dorie Greenspan's Baking which is a terrific book, but I haven't tried any of her bread recipes yet.

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Actually of all the books I listed Greenspan's book is probably my least favorte.  It was on sale at Border's for $7.99 so I felt I NEEDED to buy it since the cover price is like $40.

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I have a nice library of bread books but the one I go to 90% of the time is "Bread, A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes" by Jeffrey Hamelman.  You can trust his recipes are accurate and you should be able to buy most all of the ingredients in Egypt.   Since you are not able to buy rye flour you will not be able to try his great rye recipes.  That said, I still think it would be a most worthwhile book for you. 

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I think I would also recommend the Hamelman book, BREAD, A BAKER'S BOOK OF TECHNIQUES AND RECIPES, or Peter Reinhart's BREAD BAKER'S APPRENTICE. Those are the two I use the most. I live in a very rural part of the U.S., and so do not have access to all of the specialty flours either, but I find I can still use most of the recipes in these books. And they do a great job of explaining the how and why of bread baking. 

A general baking book that I use quite alot is King Arthur Flour's BAKER'S COMPANION.

The next book I want to buy is THE BREAD BIBLE since I have THE CAKE BIBLE which is by the same author and I use it any time I make cakes.


Good luck!

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chahira daoud

Thank you sooo much for This very helpful discussion , I have to study all the replies , compare and then decide .

For me , I wish to buy all of these books!!!!

But I have to choose!!!!!

Thanks a lot for your kindness.