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This week's baking

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This week's baking

Some weeks I bake more than others and some weeks, the baking I do is more productive than others.  I don't know if that statement made a lot of sense, but I do think that only bakers could appreciate how I felt when I looked back at this past week's production.  This is what I made for my family this week (yes, some is frozen for future use):

Two loaves of Amish bread (school lunches)

Two loaves of sourdough rye

Eight challahs

One banana bread

Five dozen mandel bread

Three sourdough pizzas

And even though it's not really baking, sourdough waffles

I don't usually tally my week's baking, but when I saw everything on the counter, I just had to make note of it. Thanks for letting me share.


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I hope they were small.

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I wasn't sure how to write that clearly.  It was six loaves cut into about five dozen or so cookies.  I had eight kids playing here all afternoon Saturday--cookies go quickly, but there are still about twenty left. (The adults did get some.)

Now I need to go start this week's baking, starting with sandwich loaves for lunches.


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I do hope that if any nitwit asks if you work (those people that judge other's value by their job title) that you answer with a confident "Of course". That is a lot of work, love and product! You should be cherished for it. How fortunate your family is to have you.