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Barley flour for dusting you bannetons?

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Barley flour for dusting you bannetons?

I have recently recieved brotforms from and Is about to start using them. Having heard that many here on the board is using rice flour to dust the brotforms I thought that maybe I should do that too. But then I figured, what makes rice flour so good for dusting your brotform? Is it the lack of proteins and mainly gluten that keeps it from adhering to the surface of the brotform?

As rice is not grown in Sweden it feels quite unethical to buy it if there is any legit substitute around. Thats when I got the idea, why not flour the brotforms with barley, sometimes called "the rice of scandinavia" in the olden days used as you use rice now. It cointains little to no gluten and I have read that It is eccelent for dusting you kneading surfaces. I have earlier used organic 40/60 rye/all purpose flour but feels that its a bit too pricy and tasty to use for dusting only.
What do you guys think? A good idea? Anyone who have tried it? 

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This Day

No, I haven't used barley flour for dusting.  Where I live it's difficult to find plain barley flour, although occasionally I can find malted barley flour.  If you try dusting your brotform with barley flour, please report your results to us.