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New Person

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New Person

Hi to all,

I am glad to have found this forum and I am impressed with the few posts I have read.

My interest in baking bread stems from growing up in the Philadelphia PA area and enjoying hoagies, steak sandwiches, and cheesesteak sandwiches for many years. When I moved out of the Philadelphia area I really missed these wonderful sandwiches. I knew the real secret behind the great Phila sandwiches was the roll and I thought, I'll just bake my own. I learned very quickly that it was easier to say than do. Lately I am making a satisfactory roll but still not quite what I would like but at the same time my rolls are far superior to anything on the local market. In the process I have also developed an interest in general bread baking.


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Larry Clark

 If you haven't already, do a search for "hoagie roll" and you'll find enough information there to keep you busy for a month


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Don, you found this site the same way most of us did. We were all looking for help with something. This site is a degree in bread making. We have many accomplished bakers and many newer folks who are just starting to get the hang of things. All will pitch in and help if you ask.

Glad to see you here and look forward to seeing you stories.