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Hello from Manila! (anyone else from warmer climates?)

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Hello from Manila! (anyone else from warmer climates?)

I just joined the site, but have been browsing the forums for a couple of weeks...and already learned so much!

Bread making is not very popular in this tropical country where most people eat rice as a staple, so I am looking forward to learning and sharing with this community. Also as most members are from temperate climates, I hope to be able to get input from those who've baked in warmer, humid climates (average temp 26-30 Celsius, humidity above 90%).




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Hi i'm in Kaohsiung Taiwan not far from manila about a hour by plane and yes a lot of expats here bake the own bread, and lots of hotels seel great bread as well. verry hot here 33c today and raining. i'm baking some bread right now

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And I am not baking anything today for the simple reason that I don't want to turn on the oven.  I may make some naan bread later, but that's made on a frying pan.  We're supposed to get a cold front coming through tonight which should drop the temps to near seasonal 22C to 25C.  It's the humidity that really gets to us here, but after our long, snowy winter, we're still not complaining!