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New to it all

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New to it all

Hello everyone,

 I just joined this site as I was looking for information on baking my own bread.  Hubby has gotten into it since we built our own place and the cooksbooks I have are not enough.  I have mostly made fruit and veggi breads once did pizza and once a yeast bread.  Hubby has done the veggi bread and tried the yeast out of my cookbook.  So we are both not very experaniced in bread making. 

 We are now located in est Tn and I am having to restock my kitchen from so many moves.  I hope to learn alot here this site looks great.

 Looking forward to getting to know you all and learn alot,


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Hi, Tamara.

Welcome to TFL!

If you are just starting bread baking, look at the lessons in the lower right of the TFL home page. Choose some of the favorite recipes and have at it!

If you have questions about particular kinds of bread, try searching with the search box in the upper left of the TFL home page. You will also find other bakers her who are happy to answer questions, but do spend some time getting to know what's here already. There is an amazing amount of information.