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Brioche question

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Brioche question

Hey everyone I have a sweet dough question.

I was reading through Richard Bertinet's "Crust" and noted that his recipe for Brioche calls for a rest of 12 - 14 hours in a pantry.  Now I have experienced this kind of rest with biga's or a poolish starter to help develop the flavor but with a sweet dough?  I admit that I am not very experienced with sweet doughs but I have to ask:

1. What is the purpose of a 12 - 14 hour rest with a sweet dough?

2. Do you have a favorite brioche recipe you could share?

Thanks a ton,


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As per Peter Reinhart's recommendation, I tend to rest my brioche overnight in a refrigerator.  It has the dual purpose of enhancing the flavor, and firming up the butter in the dough, which makes it much much easier to work with.

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I will definitely try it as I am both a Reinhart and Bertinet fan.  I guess making brioche french toast is going to take a little pre-planning :)

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I think the rest also allows the dough to develop a stronger gluten structure. Gluten is a bit more fragile with high fat breads like brioche so a long rest will definitely help.

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that long of a frement is a little long for a sweet dough i don't think i would ever let a sweet couth rise that lone un less it was in a ver cold fridg (32 to 34)degrees F constantly

as for a good formula  here goes .  sorry for the amounts but the people that know ,e here understand you can cut it down to a quarter of the full mix and it will work very well

powdered skim milk power 4 oz
cool water 2 pounds  (one quart)
fresh yeast (it works best for sweet doughs and it is the pnly yeast i use 8-12 oz
Good Bread flour 1 pound 8 oz

mix this well and alow to rise full till when you douch it it falls down about 1 hour

add to this sponge
sugar 1 pound
salt 1 and 1/2 oz
whole eggs 1 pound 8 oz (3 cups)
egg yolks 8 oz (1 cup)
lemon and or orange rind or  any kind of lemon oil or flavor

MiX this well to break up the sponge

then add 34 pounds and 4 and 4 oz again good bread flour

mix till a dough forms smooth dough don't kneed yet

then add melted butter warm not HOT(sweet only) or a mixture of sweet butter and sweet margaren (yes there is a sweet margeren  1 pound total

know mis till all the butter is gone and now you kneed till a developed smooth and elastic dough is formed

alow to rise well 3/4 or full rise THIS CAN BE DONE IN THE FRIDGE

shape proof and bake