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Hi from Melbourne

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Hi from Melbourne


First time baker from a pretty chilly house in suburban Melbourne (Australia). I'm intending to bake 100% rye for my partner and I (can't have much wheat in the diet, if any).

Like any good obsessed new baker, I've rushed out and bought lots of books, flour, a water filter, etc etc. I've made myself a starter thats coming along nicely.

The key receipe looks like it's going to be the 100% sourdough rye bread from Mr. Reinhart's Bread Baker's Apprentice book. No problems getting 100% rye flour around here - fortunately! - but it's going to be tricky sourcing coarse rye flour and rye meal as the recipe suggests (plus I want to try pumpernickel!). Challenges!


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Hi and welcome! If you can get your hands on some rye berries aka whole kernels, you can get any degree of coarseness you like by using a blender or better still, a few pulses of a coffee bean grinder. This technique works well for small amounts.

I make a two-loaf formula that needs 3/4 cup of coarse rye meal. I end up with some powder like flour, some medium-sized grit and lots of good-sized cracked chunks. Perfect!

Pretty hard to produce enough flour to make bread this way! Maybe you'll join those who use a home mill to produce their own flour? Meanwhile check online for suppliers or chat with someone at a local artisan bakery for advice on where to source what you need. They are sometimes very supportive of passionate home bakers.

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Thanks for the info about the rye berries. I'm having real problems tracking down the coarse rye flour, but the quest goes on!

I don't think I'm quite up to grinding my own flour (I haven't even successfully made a loaf yet!), but if I can get that part nailed, I'll certainly be looking at flour mills.

Thanks again!