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Baguettes au levain in photos

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Baguettes au levain in photos

I just posted a bunch of photos on my blog that show the handling of my baguette dough for anyone who is interested. I'm rather proud of actually managing to get it done! Any comments are welcome.


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I enjoyed your step by step documentation on handling this soft dough. I confess I have not been as skilled as you in shaping the baguette.  Seeing that you go from the pre shape  of inverted round shape to a fat log helps. It seems to be important to try not to incorporate any more flour internally. I'm still looking for a good combination of flours to approximate T-65.

A very nice post Jane and I do appreciate the trouble you went to in posting in English as well.


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OK, I redid it. I think it works now.

For me, the key is to keep most of the bubbles and not get any new flour in the middle. But I am no expert in shaping baguettes. I guess I'm just not very picky. But each time I get a bit better. I should try pointing the ends next time. I just haven't yet because I'm too scared to play with the dough any more.

I think the challenge over there is finding the right flour.


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I, too, appreciate all your hard work on the baguettes and the translation. Great job!

Susan from San Diego

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Your pictures were extremely helpful.  Thank you for taking the time to share.  Terry R

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I'm glad it is useful to you all! It is more organisation and work to do this sort of thing but motivating if it is useful. I'll try and keep up with the English, too.


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Hi, Jane.

Clear, simple instructions and wonderfully illustrative photos.

Gee! Making baguettes looks so easy! I guess I'll try this myself. (I have the dough retarding. I'll bake the baguettes for dinner tonight.)


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They look terrific Jane, crust and crumb are beautiful, plus you did a great job on presentation.

I enjoyed reading your blog. Your comment about peas being placed on your fermenting dough made it even more homey!





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Mike Avery

Very nice looking baguettes!  And, like so many others, I appreciate you posting the English as well as the French text!


A quick comment.  You said:

As usual, I had trouble with the scoring because the dough is so humid. But for the last one I just tried doing a swift, single motion. It worked!


More people fail at slashing because they are timid.  A quick deep slash is the best.  Some people cut several time, and that is a recipe for trouble.


Pick your spot, pick your angle and SLASH!  Surgeons say much the same, that they do less harm when they cut boldly.


Thanks again for sharing,



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Thank you for sharing post, especially for translating to English. I have visited your blog before and enjoyed the pictures, but I really was able to follow your steps now. I haven't tried baguettes yet, but you made it look like fun. Thanks again,


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Awesome job. One can never have too much info on how to handle a high hydration dough, and this was especially helpful. Great job. It also sounds like you got a baking stone, congrats on that.

Thanks, Rudy