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Anadama Bread: not proud of but photos galore

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Anadama Bread: not proud of but photos galore

I tried making Anadama Bread from Peter Reinhart's BBA.

I never heard of it before but it sounded interesting.

Here it is:


As you can see it didn't rise.

Mom thinks maybe I should've put more yeast or maybe baking something in the soaker.

I'm willing to blame the scale (horrible old scale...or my measuring cups). I need a new scale but I haven't found a good one to buy locally yet.

There are more pictures here  and my story here.

One day I will try it again but not too soon.

It did taste nice and sour and we liked it but...I don't think this is how it's supposed to look.

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Could it be that the bread overproofed? Those cracks on top and large holes on the sides are making me think in that direction. Your dough looked beautiful and well shaped and folded when it went into the form. And seemed like the dough had no problems rising. How long was the bulk ferment?


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err? what's the bulk ferment? (new...learning...forgetful)

i'll have to check back the recipe to remind myself of what i did (differently). I usually have to proof things for less time since it's quite hot here. 

I thought the loaves looked beautiful too. But when I put them in the fridge since I wasn't ready to bake them they...flattened out and then never rose above that.

 thanks, Lilandra

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I think Rudy means the rise in the bowl.

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oh! then that's waaay possible.

I wasn't sure how long to leave it. I get the idea my kitchen/house/place is hotter than the book's intended audience :)