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Storing bread...

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Storing bread...

We are off on Thursday for our annual Deschutes River rafting & camping trip. With a group of 30, a menu is planned and guess who gets to bring some bread ? I have sourdough for Friday's lunch and Italian for garlic bread on Saturday. Because of my work schedule I had to bake it off today. I'll freeze them all tomorrow, but I was wondering what the shelf life of bakery bread is.. one day? 2 days? I know my sourdough is good for a week easily, albeit toast at the end of the loaf.

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The ficelles and baguettes we buy occasionally at the Patisserie up the road only last a day; next day they're hard as nails.  I've found that my sourdough bread, if kept in a plastic bag, lasts a good long time, up to 10 days by which time it's good for toast if nothing else.  As for other, more enriched breads from the bakery, I'd give them up to 3 days, and then they're just plain stale.

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Mini Oven

ready for the toaster, pre-sliced and everything, sort of reminded me of Roman Meal bread.  I was in a hurry and they were destined for quickie cheese toast.  Somehow with the visitors, the loaf got shoved to the back of the fridge (how it got in there is anyone's quess) and there it sat for two weeks. 

So now here I sit with the bread and wrapper.  I've made buttered toast, not bad, and I can't believe my eyes!  Ingredients:  Wheat flour, water, natural wheat sour dough, rye flakes, yeast, sugar, plant oil, salt, and karamel syrup.   No added preservatives! 

....a revolution is in progress folks...

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