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Morel mushrooms

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Morel mushrooms

We,ve had an great morel season and was wondering if anyone has made any breads with morels.

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Don't know where you live (I'm guessing Oregon) but if you have morels you're truly fortunate.  They sell for a king's ransom here on the east coast.  Never heard of using them in bread but I do know they're great in omlettes and quiches or sauteed in very hot butter as a side dish or with veal or a good steak.

FWIW here's some info. from a site I found re: morels:

"Morels should always be eaten cooked, as they can irritate the stomach when eaten raw. Large morels can be stuffed, while the smaller mushrooms are ideal for sauces, soups, and stews. Plainer dishes show off the distinctive morel flavor and aroma better than highly seasoned ones."

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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Mini Oven

I would cut lengthwise and freeze. Later throw onto the grill or into a hot sizzling pan with a juicy steak.

I would think that baked inside bread, it would have to be eaten within 24 hours. I think I can imagine a grilled sliced morel steak sandwich nestled with some fresh garden lettuce and other tasty garden treasures much easier. The bread? I leave open to discussion....

Mini O