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Naan Advice - Anyone?

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Naan Advice - Anyone?

Well, summer has come to the Rockies and the oven is being used only sparingly.

I thought that I might fire up the tandoor and make some naan.

I have made it before, but with mixed success (flaming dough at the bottom of the tandoor anyone?)

I'm wondering if the assembled wisdom of TFLers could help me.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

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I love this recipe/instructional video from Manjula's Kitchen.

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Thanks for the recipe. 

I just did some searching through the archives and am intrigued by reading about a convex tool for sticking the naan to the side of the tandoor. That could be the difference between bread and flaming dough (well, and more consistent practice...)

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I am considering formulas and certainly love the perspective.

If I actually get results - I will be sure to post.

Any tricks/tips for actual tandoor use? 

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We make naan all the time on the barbecue or on a stone in the oven bit jave never made naan in a tandoor because we don't have a tandoor.... (I'm green with envy that you have a tandoor!)

Have you seen this video?

I gather that the thing he uses to put the naan into the tandoor is a towel folded several times.

Just in case you're interested to compare, here is our naan recipe.



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Yes, I did look at the video.

I also spent many happy hours watching a guy in Malaysia as he worked the tandoor.  But, I think, practice must be everything.

Thanks for the recipe.

The story behind the tandoor mostly involves insanity, but it is outdoors and allows me to not heat up the house with the oven.

I really need to fire it up...

Thanks again!