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I'm impatient

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I'm impatient

Hi. I'm looking for a flour around here the equivalent of KA Sir Lancelot, nothing seems to be sold around here. Instead of waiting for it in the mail, can I add vital wheat gluten to KA AP flour to get the same results? I'm looking to make bagels and pizza dough.



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Mike Avery

It might help if you mentioned where "here" is.


Mountain Earth Whole Foods Grocery in Crested Butte, CO carries a very nice high gluten flour in their bulk bins.  As does Gunnison Vitamin in  Gunnison, CO.


I don't recommend trying to supercharge flour with vital wheat gluten.  You are adding one component to the flour, but I think there are many differences between the grades.


If you have no choice, start with a bread flour rather than an all purpose flour.  All purpose flour is a mix of hard and soft wheat and about 10% protein.  Bread flour is all hard wheat and about 12% protein.  High protein flour is all hard wheat and about 14% protein.




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Here is between Boston & the Cape.