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About Norm

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About Norm

Hi everybody,

I long time did not hear from Norm,what happened???? About a month ago someone said he is sick,but he will let us know about couple days and nothing happened.Is he O.K.????


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But I'm concerned. I sent an e-mail to his business asking about him.


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I have sent many emails and tried repeatedly to call him on all the numbers I have for him. I even sent messages to everyone else listed at his company web site.

I also am worried for Norm. He is a great guy and I know he was fighting some medical issues. We can only hope he will surface when he is feeling better. If anyone has a home contact for him that would be the only thing that hasn't been tried. Pray for the best.


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Just spoke to Norm and he promised to be back in the forum this weekend!!  :-)

He is feeling much better, thank goodness, and sounds better than our last talk. Hope he makes it and stays well.

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Thanks for the good news.  I had been thinking about Norm and hoping he was well. I think of him every time I slash a loaf!  His tips were so helpful.  Glad to hear he's doing better.


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Thanks.  Glad to hear Norm is "feeling and sounding much better".  Looking forward to seeing his humorous, interesting and informative posts again...soon.  Norm is a "jewel'. 

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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take a look around, you have been missed! 


RFM, thanks so much for the update.  :)

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Good news for sure about Norm. I'll be glad to see him back. Thanks for posting.                         weavershouse

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Glad to hear he's feeling better.  Everytime I read his name..I'm always reminded of the greeting the TV "Cheers" Norm always got from his pals. When you walk back in to the TFL..that's the greeting we hope you hear...NORM  !!!!

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Hi, RFM.

Thanks so much for letting us know. That's a relief.