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Less flour????????

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Less flour????????

Am I not getting something with this new DXL?  It seems as though recipes I formally used with other kneading methods require quite a bit less flour.  Am I just not using this machine correctly or is this normal?

I put in the liquids first, add part of the flour, turn on the machine to a very low speed and add flour until in cleans the bowl.  I rarely need the last cup.  I then set it to knead from 6-8 minutes.  I check for a window pane and it is there.  If I add the flour I used in the past, the dough just seems too dry. 

Has anyone else noticed this?  Thanks, Terry

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You had been adding too much flour in the past.

How were you mixing before you got the DLX?

The important question is, "How are your breads turning out since you are adding less flour? How are they different from before?"


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David, in the past I kneaded with a bread machine or by hand.  The finished textures were very good before.  Now, they seem different but not bad.  I seem to notice the difference more the next day.  They seem to dry out faster and have a crummier texture.

I've been making bread for over 35 years and the dough just feels different with the DLX.  I weigh my ingredients and hold back a cup of flour with the DLX that I did not need to do with the other mixing. 

Could it be I still need to be adding it and slowly and letting the machine run longer or do you think I just need less with this form of kneading?  Thanks, Terry

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Mike Avery

You might try it and see what happens. Since we don't have your recipe, we don't have any way of knowing what's going on.


A batch of bread is cheap enough.... give it a whirl and see.


For the record, I use the same amount of flour when I am kneading by hand, doing stretch and folds, in my KitchenAid, in a Hobart, in a spiral mixer, or in my DLX.