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Gluten-Free in Bread Matters

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Gluten-Free in Bread Matters

I just received my copy of Bread Matters by Andrew Whitely through Amazon's UK site.  It has a lot of info in it about modern bread that I was unaware of (modern being the factory-produced stuff), but the info on gluten-free baking might be the most helpful info in the book for a lot of people.  He has a list of all the available ingredients that make up the bulk of g-f bread, with their pros, cons, nutritive value, how to use them, caveats, etc.  He also has a few bread recipes, pizza dough, and cakes too.  I am fortunate that I don't need to eat gluten-free bread, and I never intend to make it, but I found it interesting nonetheless.  He also has a recipe for Arkatena bread, which is a chickpea-sourdough-fermented wheat bread with fennel seeds from Cyprus that sounds intriguing.