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No Toss Mini-Baugette...,

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No Toss Mini-Baugette...,

An overage of starter needed to be cleared and it seemed a shame to just toss it out..., Salted with sea salt, new flour kneaded in and left on the couche for ~ 12 hours. Put into a just warming oven, on stone and under cloche for 15 minutes at 400 dF. Cloche removed and oven set at 450 dF for 16 more minutes. Surface shows lack of thourough salt mixing (need to use salt fleur next time)...,


Leftover Starter Baugette

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crumb bum

Hey Wild

Very inventive use of starter that would be thrown out otherwise.  I have been making the muffins found on Mike Averys site.  They are so good I feed my starter a couple of extra times just to collect enough for these treats.  They are great with blueberries and spectacular with Oregon strawberries. 

I think it would be cool if a thread was started that would show some methods and recipes for using up excess starter.  Quick breads, cakes, waffles, pancakes whatever....  I never used to think twice about throwing out extra starter but flour is getting more expensive and some delectable treats can be made with this "white gold"  It's a win-win

Da Crumb Bum

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I did the same thing last week - used about 900 grams of discarded starter, added flour, water - and too much salt. The dough was so wet I wound up baking it in my cast iron Dutch oven. It has a nice light tangy taste, but was too salty. I foolishly added about a tablespoon of Kosher salt (no idea what I was thinking).

I've got more discarded starter in the fridge so tonight I'll try again. I just have this thing about being so wasteful in light of flour and food prices in general.