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A warm hearty hello.

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A warm hearty hello.

Hi There,

What to say about myself.

Well lets start of with what I know about bread making and if you have any questions about my eccentricities then let me know.

I am, or was a baker. I use to work on the mass production lines for three major UK supermarkets in their in store bakery.

I was also trained as a confectionery baker which means I make a very fine chocolate éclair even if I do say so myself. 

I no longer do this and currently unemployed because of personal reasons. I have baked a loaf of bread for over two years now until quite recently.

I was recently diagnosed with being gluten intolerant **waits for the sharp intake of breathe to finish**. I have decided to turn what I know about a loaf of bread and turn my hand to making allergy safe breads and cakes. My recent success was a 100% rice bread with no wheat or dairy. Very very tasty even if I didn't put enough yeast in it. Take two was attempted today and when it cools I'll cut a slice to trial taste.

Now I just need to learn a decent choux pastry from gluten free sources.

Despite my formal training I am still unsure on one or two things and that is why I joined this group. I shall be asking quite a few questions. 

 Away from the baking I also enjoy cooking, cycling, reading, movies and various other crafts. I have my oddities and eccentricities but they've got me in trouble before when I've posted them so if you want to know you have to be open minded.

Many Thanks

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Welcome to TFL Trailrat,

I've been having fun (not really) with food allergies for the last year, so you have my sympathy on the gluten thing!

I haven't tried gluten free eclairs (have done them dairy free with great success though!), but I've converted a number of other simple sweets to rice flour for a friend's son. I'm wondering if you could do the same for the choux paste? Just sub in white rice flour for the usual wheat flour? I suppose you might need to add a little xanthan gum to help it all stick together so it could puff, but it might be worth a try.

Given your professional experience, I suspect your tries will be more effective than most.

Hang in there, you'll get it!


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Hi there!

I make gluten free bread for a friend every couple of weeks. I made a buckwheat flour sourdough starter. I really don't like the taste of white rice flour and so I use brown rice flour, buckwheat, millet, soya. I also put seeds in her bread because she loves that. I've posted the recipe here somewhere. You can probably find it by typing gluten free bread in the search engine. I have done cakes and muffins, but haven't tried choux pastry. She is allergic to eggs as well.

 Anyway, welcome to TFL. Hope you find what you're looking for.


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Hello and welcome!


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Welcome aboard! You won't find a better place online to find people who understand your special needs -- and who will be eager to call on your special talents. I have only been baking bread seriously for about a year and a half now, but I can tell you there is no more welcoming and inspiring community anywhere online.



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