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Disturbing bread!!!

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Disturbing bread!!!

Well, this is what I get for giving too many bread sites "thumbs up" on StumbleUpon.


This is a very tallented AND disturbed Thai artist who....well, I'll let the text from the site tell the story. Hit the link for the pictures; Think Bread-head!

Kittiwat Unarrom got a master's degree in fine arts and now makes lifelike body parts out of bread at a bakery in Thailand. All the disturbing yeast sculptures are made out of dough, raisins, cashews and chocolate. He'll also paint the outside with some sort of edible paint to give it an even more gruesome appearance. When asked why he does it, Kittiwat replied, "I'm a wackjob and I like making people sick".* And what does The Geekologie Writer think of these bready body parts? We may never know -- he's too busy puking up the Spaghetti O's sandwich he had for lunch.

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That's a trip... he has some talent though to sculpt items like that.

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Mini Oven

Although his talent is fascinating, the thought of using bread just turns my stomach. It boarderlines on canabalism.   His loaves will deteriorate with time. Food ingredients should be used for appetizing food.

He is making a statement, and coming from a region where the price of a life has always seemed low, I don't know if this is further depreciating or if he is trying to shock people into valuing life.  If you are not shocked, that is sad.  It certainly grabs attention.

..."So I saw this guy chewing on a foot walking down the street... No officer, I didn't think anything was wrong, I thought it was a sandwich."...

Mini O

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SYLVIAH  How can children be allowed to veiw....that's worse than anything else in this video.

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If I may add my two cents, this "art" seems almost offensive on another level: Creating shocking items made of edible material which is unlikely to be eaten (at least I wouldn't eat it). To rephrase, with news of food riots and starvation in other parts of the world, to produce "foods" that are unlikely to be eaten just seems unethical. Maybe I'm too much of a moralist...But having grown up in the third world where I saw poverty everywhere, especially poverty that directly impacted the nutrition and overall wellbeing of young children, this is the type of thing that seriously gets to me. But maybe this is the 21st century version of "let them eat cake." Same type of cluelessness.

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I think the problem is that no one of us knows WHY he is doing his creations. My personal interpretation of this kind of baking is that it must mean something.

 Maybe along the lines of: Today no one cares about anything but profit so why should not the human body be cut up and sold for profit, all in the huge race for money that is throwing our world downward spiraling to destruction.

 If he is trying to make a point then no means are bad means!

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Whether it's Chris Kimball destroying perfectly good tomatoes to demonstrate what a "bad" knife can do or creating some glop to show how "bad" some recipes are, or this guy making ugly, disgusting breads that no one in his right mind would eat, it's a sin against humanity.  People are starving to death in this world.  People are going hungry in every major city in North America, not to mention third world countries where food is at a premium.  There is no point in this "man's" work.