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Hello from a new member.

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Hello from a new member.

Hello everybody.  My name is Adam, and I just found this place.  I've been baking bread for around 10 years, but only in the past year have I gotten really interested in improving the quality of what I do.  I'm terrible at following recipes -- I have always, and continue to, bake almost entirely by feel -- but after much experimentation and a lot of cookbook reading in my spare time, I think I'm on to some things.  Recently, I've been making a lot of variations on Peter Reinhart's baguettes in BBA; and right now, I have a french country-style miche -- a recipe that is almost entirely my own invention -- proofing on the counter.  My interest has been mostly in french, italian, and SF-style sourdough breads, but I'm always looking for ideas and techniques to expand my repertoire.

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Hi, Adam.

Welcome to TFL!

You will find enough "ideas and techniques" here to keep you entertained for quite a while. Hope you will share some you've acquired in your own experience.


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As David said, lots of information and tips available on this site.  Nice people and really good bakers here.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL