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                                       I am very excited about this and my wife just doesn't seem to share my excitement so I thought I would post it here.  I got a hardcover copy of Maggie Gleezer's Artisian Baking book today at half price books for just $10 today.  As I said I figured some of you here would share my excitement in such a great find so I thought I would post. 

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Yay!! Way to go. Good deal too.

Looking forward to hearing and seeing what you make with the recipes. I'm sure your wife will be happy to share in that :)


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Indeed, this is a great deal.  Older hardcover version looks so much better than the new one.


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Well actually I used to have it out on extended loan from the library (I think I kept renewing it for 2-3 months).  The Acme baguette recipe in it is just about the only one I used in it on a regular basis but between that and the great visuals it is my favorte book to own just to look at and read.  I think that is the part my wife doesn't understand as she has quite a few cook books but sees them as nothing but utilitarian and not for their visual appeal.  I will say there are not too many cookbooks or baking books with the wonderful visual content as this one. 

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...finding a treasured book AND finding it for such a sweet price is, well,


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I will be checking there often - I got a cupcake cook book there last week for really cheap - what a find to get a bread classic book for $10 - I share your excitment! I will be checking half price often to add to my ever growing cookbook collection...


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I'm betting that you're going to love the Maggie Glezer book.  It's a real winner.  Try Thom Leonard's Country French Loaf (pg. 133).  That should please your wife...and make her happy that you made the investment.  I think this recipe is great and I have also made it using K.A. all purpose flour, exclusively, which my wife prefers, and it turned out very good.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL