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Ciabatta with Good Flavor

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buns of steel

Ciabatta with Good Flavor

So after spending months trying many miches, to get the great miche, then months after trying many Volkornbrots to get the perfect Volkornbrot... I am now after the great ciabatta, but hoping to save the months and flour experimenting with all the various recipes.


I have just about every bread book known to man, can you point me at which ciabatta was outstanding for you, in terms of physical properties, but also especially in terms of flavor.  BTW, I loved the quick ciabatta recipe on this site for texture and technique, but am looking for something with more of the finer taste attributes from fermentation.  Tips and advice also appreciated.




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use a pre ferment.  Mix one cup water two cups flour and some yeast, keep that overnight and use all of it in your recipe the next day.  the flavor should be really good.

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BBA's Pain a l'ancienne makes brilliant ciabatta with amazing taste and very open crumb!  Plus the dough is a breeze to put together!

Hope you'll enjoy making them!


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buns of steel

thanks alicia and richawatt for your replies.