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never too old to learn

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never too old to learn

saw nice loafs on this site, and my english is pretty well a disaster.

I registered to get some inspration.

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wow those are absolutely beautiful! I am suddenly longing for the buns they would deliver in the mornings at my grandmothers flat in Koln....mmmm!

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 wat een mooi zuurdesembrood... that sourdough festive bread looks stunning! I'm curious about the crumb and a recipe! 

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The desembrod/sourdough/levain festive bread is pretty impressive as are all the products.

Is this loaf a slash; has the dough been pressed or am I seeing pieces assembled

from a bun rounder?

Very nice photos


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 @ dstroy,

 tnx for compliment

@ richelle,

 my recipe for sourdough/pain au levain (in dutch!) is on the bakkerswereld-forum:

en the rest you'll find in the video's mentioned below:

@ henry,


watch the 2 video's with steve sullivan on page 13 and one with joe ortiz on page 10


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Great video links, especially Julia Child with Steve Sullivan from Acme Bakery.  Much appeciated.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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for the video links and the link to bakkerswereld!

Just finished eating a lovely potato-bread topped with chorizo. Real rustic exterior and moist, yet open crumb. Doesn't really need any topping:-) I am looking forward to tomorrow morning's breakfast with the bread toasted with homemade organic blackberry marmelade.

Nice to meet another Dutch person here... I know from reading the blogs of several Bread Baking Babes that there are more of us reading TFL, but not many posting.

Greetings from Andalucia, Spain