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Pearl's Walnut - yeasted version anyone?

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Pearl's Walnut - yeasted version anyone?

A friend really liked my Pearl's Walnut and asked for the recipe.

She is a beginner, so I am looking for a yeasted version that might give her similar results withought the need to work and maintain sourdough.

Maybe a pre-ferment of some sort will do the job.

Any suggestions?



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I just made Pearl's sourdough yesterday! When I make walnut bread I usually follow this recipe here:

which uses yeast. It makes VERY good bread. The site is French but here it is translated. The Baumnussöl is walnut oil (bad translation) The oil is so nice in this bread that when I made the Pearl's I split the dough in two and added some oil to one of the boules. I haven't done a proper comparison yet but with oil it is excellent.

Otherwise for the Pearls, I'm sure an expert here can help you with the proportions.