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bread pudding

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bread pudding

000_0001-1.jpg image by qahtanBrioche, brown sugar, currants, sultanas, eggs, butter, milk and spice.

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One of my favorite foods. Made with brioche it must be extra delicious.                                          weavershouse

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Sure looks good enough to ask for recipe! I'm asking!! Thanks.

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 This is about the best way I can explain how I make a bread pudding.

I think the next time I make it I shall have to take more notice of how much of what I put in it...... ;-)))

There are so many ways to make a bread pudding, in the U S
they make what they call bread pudding, but that is what we call in
UK bread and butter pudding. similar ingredients, assembled a bit
different, it has more of an egg custard in it.

Also there is no real recipe for bread pudding English style it is
a combination of, some sort of crumb, either bread either whole
wheat or white, hot cross buns, raisin bread, panettone or similar,
that is then soaked in milk then squeezed out......
To the wet crumbs add eggs, dried fruit of your choice though usual
is currants and sultanas, brown sugar to taste, melted butter to
lubricate it a bit, and spices, allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg. place
in buttered dish and bake 400 about 1 hour depending on the sugar
content, the finished product is like a heavy fruit cake.
I can tell you that almost all English men love bread pudding
(aka wet Nelly)

This isn't exact as i just add this and that, but basiclly 
I had about 1 pound of crumbs, added 3 eggs, about a cup milk,
currants and sultanas, 1/2 cup melted butter, (salted) and spice to
taste...... It is usually forked across the top of the pudding to
rough it a bit and then a generous shake of coarse white sugar
applied when cold. qahtan


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Oh Qahtan, that brings back memories of my Mom's bread pudding! Great stick to the ribs food, just the job for the cold wet days. She also made a suet dough which she drizzled with golden syrup (treacle)and baked, and I imagine the bread pudding contained suet instead of butter. I don't remember any eggs, though. Bread pudding and Bird's custard, yum, A.

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 My daughter always asked Nanny to make her "white thing" thats what she called it.

 ;-))))   but Canary pudding,  sponge pudding steamed in a basin lined with syrup is also lovely...... qahtan 

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Many thanks for the info Qahtan. Will definitely do this one.