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What can I say? I'm dead chuffed that I've finally made a whole grain bread I can be proud of!  

Of note, while I was weighing water to mix up the soaker, the telephone rang.  After answering I came back to find the electronic scale had switched itself off forcing me to mix entirely by feel. Since I already had an intermediate build proofing, I decided just to go for it and mix it until it 'felt right'.  I'm glad I stuck with it as I was rewarded with a delightful crumb and a rich taste with just the right amount of tang. The scoring is coming along nicely also (getting more confident with slashing wet dough).  The flours are: organic whole wheat (100% extraction) and about 10% whole rye.  

Anyway enough of my waffling.  Here are the pics:


Whole Wheat And Rye Miche

Whole Wheat And Rye Miche


A big big thank you to all the people who've stuck with me on my various whole grain and sourdough woes of late. Your advice and encouragement has been invaluable.

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Hi, FP. 

Those are beautful loaves, and the crumb is just amazing for a whole wheat loaf! Very nice scoring, too. You should be proud of those!  

It actually is even more exciting when you have stuggled, persisted and finally got it right, isn't it? 

I understand you fudged the hydration by feel, but what recipe did you start with? How did it taste?


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Thanks David.

The recipe is really just a variation on one of many whole grain experiments. I can remember *most* of the percentages.  Here they are (hope they are of some use)

First build: 1:3 (starter to flour) @ 75%(ish) hydration

Soaker: 90% Organic Whole Wheat (100% extraction), 10% Whole Rye, 1.7% Salt ??Water?? (mixed until quite wet but not soup! must have been at least 70% extraction probably nearer 80, this will vary with your flour no doubt).

Soaker and build left for 6 hours to proof at room temperature (which was reasonably warm on that day thanks to sunny weather - 70ishF)

Final build: 1:3 (first build to flour in soaker)

Mixed until 'medium pane' - no need to overmix since the dough was quite slack and wet.  

Bulk ferment for 5 hours (did not stretch or fold during this time)

Shape (gently!) and proof a further 2 hours in banneton (cloth lined bowl in my case) 

Bake at 450 with steam for 15 minutes then reduce to 350 until internal temperature is 200F (a little longer if you like a darker crust).

Tasted great. Rich, but mellow - You could increase the rye if you wanted more of an earthy taste but I think it's fine as it stands. The sour is not at all overpowering - a nice tang.  I'm guessing if you wanted less sour then a cooler proofing temperature might do the trick.

Also, I might try this again with an overnight refrigerated build.  


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Nice looking bread! You can be very proud of yourself. Those holes are incredible for a whole wheat.


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You're getting the feel of the bread and this is so good!

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Nice looking bread, FP. I guess knowing the feel leads to good things for you.