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Hello from Edmonton

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Hello from Edmonton

Howdy everyone,

I've been visiting this site now since January of this year, and decided to finally say Hi. I've always enjoyed baking, something I started with my mother when I was just a boy, and recently have expanded my baking experiences to include breads. I have tried a few of the "favorite recipes" listed here including, banana bread, quick ciabatta, and the choclate faces. All of them turned out lovely, and I'll post some pictures once I figure how.

I picked up Peter's BBA and Whole Grains for my birthday back in March, and recently grabed Laurels Bread Book all of which I discoverd while surfing the Fresh Loaf. I can proudly say I haven't bought a loaf of bread since March 17th as I've been producing whole wheat/struan sandwich loaves regularly. Lucky for me, my girlfriend loves the whole grain breads and pizza doughs I have been able to produce! And yesterday I just started my first ever mother starter using Peter's pineapple juice/whole wheat flour technique. *fingers crossed* So anyways, long story short. Just saying hi, I look forward to learning even more from the community here, and love the website (it's very inspiring).


Ciabatta Dough - First TryCiabatta Dough - First Try

Ciabatta - 2 Down 2 To GoChocolate Faces Decorating help from my girlfriendChocolate Faces: Decorating help from my girlfriend

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Brian D

Nice Ciabatta. I need to try that.

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Welcome to TFL - your GF has a nice touch with the varied chocolate faces.

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Hi! I was born and raised in Vancouver but have been in France for 15 years.

Thanks for the picture of the ciabatta because that is my next project. I'm happy to see it before and after I've never made or tasted it. I have the whole grains books as well but haven't picked it up in a few weeks. I've been busy working out some new sourdough strategies.



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Thanks for the warm welcome! Making ciabatta's seemed really daunting, mostly because the dough was so wet, but I "iron gloved" it like the recipe mentioned and it turned out delicious. Here is another picture of all 4 finished. They disappeared from my cooling rack faster than superman.