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San Diego Bread Lovers meeting this weekend

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San Diego Bread Lovers meeting this weekend

Hello all!

Any bread bakers in the San Diego area are welcome to join us for our monthly meeting. (Visiting bakers are welcome, too!)

This month, the meeting will take place on Saturday, May 17, at 1:00  PM. The location is a cafe called Claire De Lune, located at 2906 University Avenue, San Diego California 92104

The meetings take approximately two hours. Each members brings a bread according to the monthly theme, and we all get to taste the excellent breads people bring. This month, the theme is "Special Flours". The bread should have some proportion of non-wheat flour (barley flour, rye flour, soy flour, etc.). How much special flour to add is up to the baker.

If you have not attended our meetings before and would like to, please consider it! They are a lot of fun. We have bakers of all levels, from hardcore sourdough bakers, to new bakers. It is fun -- and interesting -- to meet other bakers. To see some pictures of a previous meeting of ours, click here.

I look forward to seeing you! Please comment below if you intend to come.

Floyd -- could you please make this a sticky subject until Saturday? 


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Mellow Yellow


I have been a home baker off and on for years and I bake bread for my church once a month. I stumbled across "The Fresh Loaf" site and this posting a few days ago.

I am very interested in meeting other bread bakers in San Diego and would like very much to attend a meeting. However, I am baking bread for my church this Saturday. If I am done in time I will be there.

Is there some way in which to keep abreast of what is going on with the San Diego Bread Lovers? I am interested.