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Scaling ppm?

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Scaling ppm?

I'm trying a recipe from The Taste of Bread which like most of the others, calls for ascorbic acid.             (Exhibit 11-9) 

In the ingredient columns is printed the percentages, for example:

Salt    200g      2%

Yeast  200g      2%

A. acid 30mgs  30ppm 

I've adjusted the other ingredients in the recipe, but how do I adjust the ppms of ascorbic acid?


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Hi, Brotnik. 

Welcome to TFL! Depending on the amount of dough you are making, you want to use between a smidgen and a pinch of ascorbic acid.  Certainly, much less than a dash.  

My package of ascorbic acid from King Arthur Flour says to use 1/8 tsp, but it doesn't give a ratio of ascorbic acid to flour. Anyway, you don't use very much. 


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1 PPM is 1/1,000,000 = 0.000001 which would be 0.0001%

30 ppm = 30/1,000,000 = 0.003%