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60-2-2 ?

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KP Crumbworth

60-2-2 ?

I saw this in a post somewhere, and wondered what it referred to. Is it % water, yeast, and salt?



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Nathan Sanborn

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Usually these numbers are percentages of water, yeast and salt.

A typical bread dough may have a 60% hydration rate, where a ciabatta may be as high as 82%.

All of these numbers are assuming that the flour is at 100%.

Also be careful if you are given a formula in percentages what type of yeast are they using. If you hadd 100K of flour, you would have 60K water, 2K salt and 2K if fresh yeast, but if using a dry yeast that percentage may vary from 1 to 1.5%.

Hope that this helps.

Carlton Brooks CEPC, CCE
Mesa, Arizona

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KP Crumbworth

It does thank you. Does a preferment usually have a % assigned to it as well?


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In the recipes I've seen in Reinharts's "Apprentice" - yes.