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Khorason flour and bakers couche

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Bob Delaney

Khorason flour and bakers couche


Have you tried Khorason flour for breadmaking?  Khorason is an ancient variety of Durum wheat from Northern Iran.  It make a great bread with a chewy crust.  It is available from Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire.

To transfer your loaf from bakers couche, roll it onto a pele or just a peice of flat plywood.  Flour your pele or,  to make it easier to slide into your oven, some fine semolina

Bob Delaney

Somerset, England

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 Hi Bob,

  here in the USA we do not have that flour.Can give us more information how to buy it or any representative for US.I love to try it.Please, give us more info.



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Mini Oven


It had me going there for a while too.


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I love kamut but find it to be rather pricey if I buy it retail. My favorite use is to crack it into about 3 pieces and use it as a rice substitute - it has a nutty taste and makes a great pilaf. has kamut in a 5 lb bag for $10.85 and 50 lb bag for $75.05 (plus possibly incredibly high shipping costs, depending on your geographical location in the USA).

Shiloh Farms also sells organic kamut grain and (I believe) kamut flour. Contact Shiloh Frams, PO Box 97, Sulphur Springs AR 72768-0097 or email info "at" (I can sometimes find kamut from this supplier in local health food stores.). Also, carries kamut flour and grain and so does

People who can tolerate some gluten (but not wheat gluten) sometimes turn to kamut (or spelt) as an alternative, so I would think it wouldn't be too hard to find.

Other TFL members use kamut regularly so maybe they'll post their sources for kamut flour to this thread.