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What's Cooking in Galley Wench's Galley?

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Galley Wench

What's Cooking in Galley Wench's Galley?

Now that we're back on land, I'm really enjoying my BIG home galley!     The picture below is of Almost Ko-Knead, which is a huge improvement over the original NKB!   Baked this loaf in my Romertopf clay baker and it turned out perfect . . . well, except for the slashing!  Anyone have suggestions on how to 'slash' NKB?   

Galley Wench's Almost No-KneadGalley Wench's Almost No-Knead


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I have found when doing my last final shaping if I leave the bottom seam of the loaf with little fuss and rather rough shaped....  By doing this and placing it rough side up on my parchment I get some very nice rustic natural seams.