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Oh no, my Nutrimill is dead

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Oh no, my Nutrimill is dead

Has anyone ever turned on their Nutrimill to get nothing?  I was all set to grind some white wheat berries and nothing.  It has a lifetime warranty but the hassle and down time is no fun.  I guess it will be white bread for a bit, as I can't justify buying wheat with 150 lb. of wheat berries in my pantry. 

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May be a dumb question, but did you plug it into another outlet?  Did you check the circuit breaker?

Is there an overload/reset on the mill itself?

having dealt with people who hadn't plugged computers into the wall socket, that is one of the first things I look at anymore.

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Yep, checked the outlet, pushed the reset button, talked to it, threatened it.  Nothing but a click at the on/off button.  It seems like there is no electric, it doesn't even turn over, but the bread machine works in the same outlet.  It is weird, because it worked fine 3 days ago. 

Good thought though. 

I talked to the company and they said to send it back.  It has a lifetime warranty.  They said they would have it for no more than 5 days.  Terry

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Bummer.  Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Back to hand mixing!  LOL

Is that 5 business days plus transport and holidays??

My old Bosch blew one day.  I sent it off and it was the brush in the motor that shorted out.  But, in this case, I saw a nice bright blue flash!


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Any chance of an internal fuse? Can you open the case easily?

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Mini Oven

But can you change the polarity by sticking in the plug upside down?  With european plugs that can sometimes make a difference. 

Mini O

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Mini Oven, went right out and tried sticking the plug in upside down.  Notta.  I pushed a red button on the under side of the motor portion and that also did nothing.  I am on the search for a box to get it sent out today. 

Too bad, I don't grind a lot of flour ahead and refrigerate it, but I like the nutritional concept of freshly ground.  When I get it back there will be some always ground ahead. 

Thanks for all the ideas.  I don't think CPR is going to be successful.  Terry

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If the motor has a dead spot on the armature and it stopped so the brush is on that spot, you may be able to move the shaft just a bit and get it to run. If you can see the rotating part of the grinder, unplug the unit and rotate the shaft just a small amount and then plug it in and try again. Do not in any case stick anything into the unit while it is plugged in.

If you can't get to the rotating component, try quickly rotating in the plane of movement by hand. It doesn't take much. Just hold the unit in your hands and snap spin it using your wrists and forearms to budge it off the dead spot.


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Thanks for all the suggestions.  My Nurti Mill is taking a trip to the clinic in North Salt Lake, Utah.  The company said it would void the warranty to open it up.  Since it is a lifetime warranty, I don't want to be doing anything to make it insurance ineligible.

I should have it back in a couple of weeks, hopefully as good as new, if not new. Terry

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The Same exact thing just happened to me.  where do I have to take it?


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The poster states(in the 2nd reply) that there is a lifetime warranty.

I would definitely contact Nutrimill. Almost surely you will need to ship it.