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Saving bread with bread

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Saving bread with bread

Just a quick question:

 Will the recent increase in prices for food and fuel make you want to bake even more? 

 My kids haven't successfully made the leap to dad's bread from the store stuff, and more than a few kids at school are jealous of the larger than average sandwiches they get. And even if not all of it is homemmade, it is closer for me to ride my bike to the local bakery than to the supermarket. It's not a huge thing, but I'm sure not having to run and drive 4 miles for bread would add up over the summer.

 Marc the Wombatq

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G'day wombatq!

I did a batch costing for bread and I got about (AUD) $1.80 per kilogram for plain bread (white, rye or wholemeal). A "Helga's" loaf costs around $2.50 if you buy two loaves, or around $3.00 if you only get one.

I buy my flour in 10 Kg bags costing around $23.00 for organic white breads flour and organic wholemeal flour and $21.50 for rye flour. You go down further and get Homebrand for half that price - depends on your budget.

Adding stuff, like seeds, olives, onions will increase the price slightly, I guess.

My "fuel" is still dirty electricity, but the turbines run on gas, not oil or coal. I can't, yet, get clean energy.