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Converting Yeast Measurements to Sourdough

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Converting Yeast Measurements to Sourdough

Are there any standards to follow for using sourdough starter to replace instant yeast?  Like maybe 3 tablespoons of sourdough for 1 pkt of yeast?

The following RL Beranbaum recipe for white bread has been expanded by me for 3-4 loaves but I want to use my own sourdough that I am growing.


The recipe:

During the first day 
The Starter
6…Cups of wrist-temp water
1 ½….  tsp active dry yeast
6  ……Cups of All Purpose flour
Allow to set for 2 hours, refrigerate
During the second day

Additional Flour:
4…….. cups All Purpose flour.
2 …… cups of whole wheat .
4 ½ …. tsp active dry yeast
1-2 ……..cups of  scalded milk.

2……… Tbs. salt

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Mini Oven

going on in the above recipe.  By the time all the changes have been made in flour, water and fermenting times to figure a sd starter, writing everything down, it might just be easier to go with a sd recipe.

Mini O

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Rose Levy has about a page of instructions in _The Bread Bible_ for converting straight recipes to sourdough, but personally I just do as you suggest and use a tablespoon of starter in an overnight preferment (totally ignoring the tablespoon in the percentages). It seems to work fine for the most part. If you want the spectacular results that you see in some posts here (esp the crumb) you will probably have to use a recipe specifically developed for sourdough (RLB or Hamelman), but for everyday the easy way works for me.


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Thanks , I think I will go with the SD recipe she has there in the book.

Have just started with the starter portion and will do the dough mix tomorrow.