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No longer a lurker

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No longer a lurker

Hi. I decided to finally join in and learn from people who have done what I would like to do. I live between Boston & the Cape, not much for artisinal bakeries around here.. Getting tired of spending $3-4 for a loaf of tastless bread at the grocery store. I think, with a little trial and error, I can make something better for my family.

Right now, looking to start with bread machine recipes (I have a Zo), down the road want to go above and beyond that.

Dream? To go to baking school ;)

But with a 4 and 2 year old that's on hold for now.

For now, school is in session for me on this site.



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2 little ones? :-) I bet they'd have fun "helping".

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They have helped, in the incident we still call here "The Great Flour Cloud Disaster" 


They'll never learn, though, unless they watch and interact. So, one cloud drifts away, another project for myself and my kids beckons.  

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If you plan on using the Zo right now I have found Beth Hensperger's book,

The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook to have the best recipes for bread machines.

I have never had a bad recipe from this book. It is about as complete a bread machine cookbook as you could want.

Eventually you will want to try artisanal baking both for the flavor and fun. There are loads of great bread books on this site including the Bread Baker's Apprentice.

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Sure like good bread machine recipes, I'll give this a look. Thanks.

Hoping to eventually use the machine for just kneading artisinal breads.

Bread Baker's Apprentice is one of his books I have, along with American Pie. Went to one of his classes at KA several years ago, during the tour for the latter book. 

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I hope it's okay to refer you to another site. (But come back to this one!)  is one of my favorite recipe sites.  The recipes are rated by users and they leave tips as well.  I have found most of the bread recipes  there are for  bread machines.  I have rarely made bread all the way through baking using my machine but I have used it in the past for kneading, and the recipes I have tried were delicious.  Have fun.


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Don't worry. I may look, but I won't stray ;)