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No yeast added bread.

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No yeast added bread.

I just made two round loaves of bread with my buttermilk starter, but with no yeast added, sort of following directions from a Martha Rose Shulman book, but really only for salt measurements and oven temp.  Used water instead of milk for the dough, no sugar or honey just a tsp. of malt extract, and let the dough rise for about 5 hours.  Then I shaped it, pretty wet, divided it in two and put one in a greased bowl, the other in a floured, cheesecloth-lined basket, and let them rise another couple of hours.  When I turned them out onto the baking sheet, the one from the bowl spread like mad, the other less so, but I just shoved them into the oven to bake with barely a slash or two on the tops.  They're delicious!  Lots of good holes and that lovely chewy texture and slightly sour taste, with a nice colour from the organic ww flour.  I don't have pictures because I don't have a camera, but when I finally get around to making the bread from my totally commercial-yeast-free starters, I'll ask my nephew if he can take a couple of pictures and post them.  I'm thrilled!  Didn't think it would work out at all, since the recipe called for a tsp. of yeast which I decided to leave out, but they rose and they taste really good!  If anyone's thinking of giving up, DON'T!  It's worth all the sweating and worrying.

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by adding a little flour if it was too wet. Just a little flour can make loaves hold shape better without sacrificing flavour.

Congrats on your success. You're right, when you get there it's all worthwhile.


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I have been following your buttermilk adventure, bits and pieces along the way, and I'm so happy that you have had success.  It's a wonderful feeling to succeed at something we pour our hearts and souls into, and now the proof is, as they say, 'in the pudding'.

Kudos to you!