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Pain de campagne starter

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Pain de campagne starter

I ordered some pain de campagne starter from KA.  It says that it has enough starter for 12 loaves of bread.  I was wondering if I can use this as an ACTUAL starter (mix it, grow it, keep it in the fridge, etc) OR is it only good as an additive for bread?



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Depending on what the starter really consists of you should be able to use it to make your own. As starter is a microbiological culture of yeasts and lactobacillus the starter you bought should probably be about the same.

 Try it! Be sure to post the ingridients list though!

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So I can just use this like a "borrowed" starter?


If so, what would be the best way to feed it?  Does it need a labor intensive feed for a week or so, or is it pretty much at the point where I can get it going in a day or two and then do the fridge thing?



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The instructions on the envelope tell you how to activate the starter. From that point, rather than making bread, feed it and treat it like a "wild" starter you developed yourself. I don't think it needs to be treated any differently.


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Well I treated it like a starter (water and flour and starter, let it grow, discard and feed, etc)!  And made some very good bread!  FINALLY got the sour taste I was looking for (wihtout faking it with citric acid and buttermilk powder! lol).


Now I have to see if I can replicate the experiment since I put the starter in the fridge.  We will see if I can bring it back to life and bake it and have it taste good.


I am pretty tickled about it though.  Good thing because that little packet is EXPENSIVE.  But that does lead to a concern....since I bought the packet, does that mean that I should never share starter?  I do not want to be "robbing" KA by growing the packet into a starter and sharing it at some point down the road if someone wants some.  On the other hand, the packet was not actually intended to be used as a starter per se, as the instructions say to add 1/8tsp to dough (it seems to be more for a flavoring than an actual starter).


This is like a recipe....I never know what the etiquette is about sharing recipes...

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I was thinking of doing the same thing.  How much flour & water are you using to feed the starter?