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Dingy crumb

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Dingy crumb


I have been frustrated with the color of my sourdough loaves' crumb. My ideal crumb would be creamy white and opaque, like so many beautiful loaves I've seen here. Mine always turns out dingy, kinda translucent - see here. The pic actually makes the crumb look lighter in color, its actually much duller.

I do not use a baking stone. I do keep my doughs quite sticky and slack. I use steam for the first 10 mins. I always use KA bread flour for all my sourdoughs. I use regular tap water.Proofing time: 1st proof 8 hours in a warm area, 2nd proof about 1.5 hours. Baking time as suggested by the recipe.

My starter is 100% with an amalgamation of flours and tap water.

What am I doing wrong?


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Mike Avery

If the flours you are almagamating include whole wheat or rye flours, that will darken the creamy color of the crumb you are looking for.


I'll quietly suggest you try using straight bread flour with no amalgamation, or even blending, of flours and see what happens.