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Flour in Melbourne, Aus

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Flour in Melbourne, Aus


Are there anyone from Melbourne, Australia here?

I facing a difficulty finding good bread flour with protein levels of 11%+ and other types of flours, esp rye.
I live in the area of Carlton.

Does anyone know where, nearest to where i stay, to get these flours??


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I'd recomend Laucke, I've been using a few of their pre-mixes with good results. I've been trying to get their bakers flour but there aren't any distributers very close. Follow the "Home Baking" link on the Laucke page to find a distributer.

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Just after posting earlier I went to the supermarket (Bi-Lo) and they had 5Kg bags of Laucke's Wallaby Bakers flour. Proofing a batch now :-)

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I couldn't find Laucke's Wallaby bakers flour in the city, but i found a 5kg bag in the nearby suburb, brunswick. Also, i found italian bread flour, pasta flour and tipo 00 in a supermarket called, Mediterranean Wholesalers, also in Brunswick.
Btw, any luck finding rye flour??

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I haven't seen any rye in the supermarkets etc. I have a friend that works for a distributer that has rye flour from Manildra, I'm waiting for him to bring me some ;-)
How did you go with the Wallaby flour? I used the recipe on the bag and used 1% rather than their 1.2% and also used 2% olive oil instead of 4% canola. It was the best bread I've baked to date. Also I wouldn't use the water at 40 degrees like the bag says, somewhere between 20-25 works for me.
What I like about the Laucke flours is they have a beautiful natural aroma, every other flour I've used so far has had some sort of chemical smell to it :-(

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From Lauckes distributers page I found Hindustan Imports and Exports at Dandenong. Having never been anywhere near Melbourne I'm not sure how far that is from Carlton. Looks like it would be worth the drive.

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I have just found rye flour. I found it in Vic. MArket, the deli section. However, i think the guy only seem to have the wholemeal variety, and no white ones ($2.70 a kilo).
Also i saw white spelt and wholemeal spelt flour on sale (diff store) and about $6.75 a kilo...kinda pricy, sigh*

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I came across Rye Flour and Wholewheat Flour for sale in Endeavour Hills Shopping Centre today, in a shop called 'Value Health'. I'm not sure where their other stores are, but they have several dotted throughout Melbourne. Here's their website -

The closest stores to Charlton are in Maribyrnong and Doncaster. Hope this helps.

Steve. ;-)

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Hi guys,

Try seeking out your nearest organic food supplier. I get all my flour from one near me, and it's terrific quality stone-ground unbleached biodynamic/organic: wholegrain rye, wholemeal wheat, baker flour, whatever. Most of these organic supply stores buy in bulk and have their flours in bins, so you dispense as much or little as you want into a paper bag (or your own container, preferably).

I'm in Perth, but I think it's probably a similar situation in Melbourne.

My flours are Eden Valley, by the way, which are farmed and processed in WA. You will be able to get their flours in Melbourne if you want - check their site for retail locations, or contact them via their online form. I know they have an outlet at Powelltown in Vic, wherever that is, but smaller organic suppliers in Melbourne will probably carry their flours also. If not, no doubt there are plenty of great organic alternatives.

I am sure the Laucke flours are excellent, incidentally - I've recently learned from Shiao-Ping that Baker D. Chirico in St Kilda (by repute, the best sourdough bakery in Melbourne) uses Laucke produce, and that is recommendation enough in itself.



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Aussie Pete

Hi there Timtune,

Hi I come from Cessnock NSW and have been using Laucke pre bread flour mix for a number of years now. The Laucke pre mix range protein level runs between 7% to 8%. However, their Wallaby Bakers Flour runs closer to 11%.

If you look among the bread flours in Woolworths, Bi Lo etc you should be able to find Laucke Barossa light rye. It comes in a pack of 4 X 600grms. You should be able to mix this with their Wallaby brand bread flour and still retain a higher protein level. I use Laucke German Mixed grain and have mixed it with their white bread flour very successfully. The best thing is NO PRESERTATIVES or unneccessary additives

Other than that Laucke have a very good web site explianing their flours and bread mix range along with their stockist.

Cheers...........Aussie Pete