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interesting bread recipes

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interesting bread recipes

I thought this was an interesting site.  I describes what our World War I veterans had to eat as bread.  It would definitely keep some soldiers busy keeping up with these recipes. Terry

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I like the recipe for Field Bread ( that starts with 105 pounds of flour.


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Out of curiosity, I recently purchased a cook book off the internet.  The title is Cooking on Shipboard.

 It was designed for the Merchant Marines in World War II.  The basic recipes are for 100 portions.  So the biscuit recipe is for 200 biscuits, two to a serving.

 Also has some nice tips, like "don't run with a knife in your hand."  "Do what the Chief Steward tells you to." 

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Mike Avery

Google has the 1916 US Army Baker's Manual online at  You can examine it, download it and probably print it.


eBay sometimes has printed copies for sale.