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how to get even pita split?

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how to get even pita split?

I have used a few great tasting recipes for pita.  Even though I always get a great puff, I don't get an even split.  They are thinner on the top than on the bottom.  Since this is the case, do I move my rack and stone up or down?  I am thinking up.  I was hoping someone could tell me for sure because I sure don't want to be moving a hot stone around to get it right in the middle of baking them.  Thanks, Terry

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Mini Oven

of an even pita splitter...  

 (just kidding, couldn't resist) 

Terry, If the top surface dries out a little before being baked,  I suggest flipping them upside down before loading them into the oven?  I don't know about the stone, my guess would be down.  What do the pita masters think?

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If it is thinner on top, move up the cooking position in the oven.  It it is thinner on the bottom, move down the cooking position in the oven.  I have found this to work pretty reliably.


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Jay, thank you.  Next batch is going up.  Terry